Frequently asked questions

    Q: Is a shirt or other reward included with my challenge registration?
    A: No. We've change the challenge structure based on feedback we received from previous challengers. The base registration fee used to be $20.00 and included a shirt upon successful completion of your challenge. We heard from repeat challengers that once they had a shirt, they wanted something else the next time. To accomplish this we've switched to an optional purchase program upon successful completion of your challenge. This lets us lower the registration fee substantially and allows our challengers to select from a varitey of merchandise to signify their achievement.

    Q: Do you have to do one mile every day (or two miles every day for the 200 mile club challenge, etc.)?
    A: No. You simply have to complete the selected number of miles during the 100 day period of your challenge.

    Q: Do you have to enter your miles on the day you complete them?
    A: No. You can enter miles for the current day or any previous day that is within your challenge dates. When your challenge is over, you have 5 days to log any miles that you completed within 100 dates of your challenge. 5 days after each challenge is finished, the books will be closed and awards will be presented to those who successfully completed their selected mileage goals.

    Q: Do I get a refund of my fees if I am unable to complete my mileage goal?
    A: No. There will be no refunds. We will, however, offer a discount on future Mile Club Challenge attempts.

    Q: If I fall behind, can I switch to a different amount of miles?
    A: No. The Mile Club Challenge is all about setting a goal and the sense of accomplishment that comes from achieving it. We feel that allowing people to change to a lower mileage level would diminish that sense of accomplishment. Of course, illness, injuries, and other unforeseen factors will prevent some people from reaching their goals, but that will make their accomplishment more meaningful when they try again and make it. We will offer a discount for those who are making another attempt after coming up short.

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