The Mile Club Challenge
Employee Fitness Program

Better Exercise Motivation for your Employees!

  • Each participant chooses an individual goal of completing 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 400 or 500 miles in 100 days.
  • Miles can be completed anywhere using almost any mode of exercise.
  • Workouts are logged on our website.
  • Those who achieve their goals have the option of purchasing Mile Club Challenge merchandise celebrating their achievement.
  • Everyone starts on same day. People encourage each other to achieve their individual goals.
Easy to Implement and Free for Any Size Company:
  • You choose a start date for your company's Mile Club Challenge.
  • We send you a description of the program and registration instructions to forward to your employees.
  • Your employees use a special company code when they register.
  • The coupon code makes the amount due $0 and sets the start date to your company's start date.
  • You have access to see the progress your employees are making toward their goals.
  • Those who achieve their goals receive information on how to purchase commemorative merchandise.
  • You encourage your employees to participate, we take care of the rest!
Getting the Most Out of Your Company's Mile Club Challenge:
  • Encourage those in leadership positions to sign up and lead the way.
  • Map out a course around your workplace(s) to encourage employees to walk or jog a mile or two at lunch or after work.
  • Have a "Kick-off" event on Day 1 to get people started on the right foot (maybe a walk around your mile course and a healthy snack).
No fitness center required: If you provide a fitness center for your employees, our program will motivate them to use it. However, because of the flexibility of the program, a fitness center is not required.

Email us today or call Tim Wilke at 602-301-0768 to make The Mile Club Challenge a part of your company's wellness solution.


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